How would it feel to have balance and harmony in your life? 
Would you like to be able to find your stuff when you want it?
It is possible!

Professional Organizer, Julie Bavington is here to help you bring order to your chaos.  It is her goal to help others find a balance in their homes by reducing clutter and the stress it brings. See the beauty in your space and appreciate what life you can have in that space!   Julie brings experience with closets, kitchens, home office, nursery and children's areas, as well as general living spaces.  Julie also specializes in organizing during a new move, down-size, or family addition.  E-mail now for a consultation appointment.

Julie Bavington
Professional Organizer
Jacksonville, FL
phone 904.422.3599

Twitter @juliebavi
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~Let's partner together to bring order to chaos.~

All steps will require YOUR involvement.  Julie Bavington will not be remodeling your house while you are away.  Your decisions are key to your success in this great new space you are creating. 

A consultation will help determine the source of any organizing problems and issues as well as address your concerns. We will then discuss an Action Plan in order to establish solutions that fit your needs. Get the guidance you need to get better organized and implement organizing systems that will help you maintain order. Any extra materials/supplies you will need may be assessed at this time.
min 1 hour

If you think hiring a professional organizer costs too much…
a better question might be, what is it costing you not to do it?

Clutter Sweep
Typically, this process takes a Session or two (per room) with intensive implementation of de-cluttering your indoor space. Organizing expert, Julie Bavington, will sort, help you with decisions on what to keep/donate/toss, and put order into your home -- transforming your living space and your life.

The organizing process also involves the implementation of organizing systems (bins, filing systems, etc) to deal with the issues that are making your life less efficient and your work less productive. This will all be addressed during your Consultation and subsequent sessions.

Home Schoolers
In need of a new system for your classroom?  Just setting up your classroom for the first time?  Unsure of how to make the most of your art area?  Julie Bavington has special rates for you and your student.  Mold your students minds and their learning environment.

Files Only
If you have papers to file and mail that overwhelms you, Julie Bavington will help you find a way out from under all the paperwork.  Together you will find a filing system that meets your needs. 

Packages Offered Based on Your Needs